Structures on a Warm Day

by hopesfrenzy

On a long weekend trip after celebrating a friend’s wedding, Stéphane and I spent a few hours in downtown Toronto, exploring some of the sights. The heat was oppressive, and we didn’t have much time, but we did get to see Kensington Market, Graffiti Alley, and we got a quick lunch at an Asian restaurant.

While I always enjoy my visits to Toronto, it’s amazing how many people don’t like to live there. Across multiple trips and after talking with our Lyft driver and other locals, no one loved living there. It seems a city that’s pretty livable, but not one that is particularly charming.

We much more enjoyed our friend’s wedding, out in the country on a beautiful farm and estate. And we were looking forward to a road trip south to Niagara Falls.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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