Sunburnt Tombs and Mint Tea

by hopesfrenzy

Our time in Marrakech was dwindling. Our final destination for the day, while short and slightly underwhelming, was still worth the visit. The Saadian Tombs, near Palais el-Badi, is a small complex with dozens and dozens of tombs baking in the sun.

After relaxing back at our riad and getting refreshed, the girls and I headed out to dinner. I wasn’t hungry, so instead I sipped on mint tea as we watched the sun set over Marrakech. Our bar stool counter overlooked the Souk paths below and the low lying tenements.

Eventually, the swallows swam around us as the evening prayer was marked by the mosque loudspeakers across the entire city. There was something incredibly peaceful about those moments.

The next day, our adventure started.

Sightseeing with the siblings, Stéphane and Nick
Location: Marrakech, Morocco

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