Sunny Day in the Tasman Inlets

by hopesfrenzy

Today would be spent on the open water in the sun and cool breeze kayaking from Awaroa beach through to the Anchorage. Our beach bum blond kayak instructor turned out to be way cooler than we expected at first – and he taught us the ropes.

Stéphane and I were way faster than the rest of the group, but that was OK. We paddled ahead, and then marveled at the rocks and waves and birds. Our guide told us about the area, wildlife and conservation programs.

We slowly paddled through Shag Harbour, a quiet maze of rocks and small islands that empties at low tide. It was perfect.

Our night camping at the Anchorage was a little uncomfortable, and our second day of kayaking sans guided tour was… harrowing, but at the end we saw a little blue penguin, and it was all worth it!

Kayaking with Stéphane
Location: Abel Tasman, New Zealand

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