Sunrise in the Desert Snow

by hopesfrenzy

We got up early. Very early. Driving in the dark to Snow Canyon State Park, we were excited to catch the sunrise. Walking through the desert sand, as the sun rises, will always be one of my favorite moments. Our core group had decreased by one again: Stéphane, Lacy, Tess and I were the sole trekkers on this one.

I had seen a photo of Snow Canyon on Bing images – Dutch Cassidy’s Bathtub, they called it. We weren’t hiking that one, but instead the three ponds trail, which turned out to be difficult merely because it was 70% on sand.

Frolicking in the desert during dawn, you turn up bunches of rabbits. They. Were. Everywhere. As we trudged through the sand, we knew the sun was rising behind us, but aside from the light purple sky we had no proof. Until, hundreds of feet in the distance, the sun rose and painted the tips of the hills pink. It was breathtaking.

We explored beyond the three (dried up) ponds even, scrambling over boulders with my sisters. It was such a breathtaking morning! And we got back with plenty of time to spare for more adventures.

Hiking with Lacy, Tess and Stéphane
Location: Snow Canyon State Park, Utah, US

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