Sunset Drive-by Photoshoot

by hopesfrenzy

Late on our last full day in Borrego Springs, we were running out of time and sunlight after lounging about by the pool at our hotel. Quick aside on the hotel: The Palms at Indian Head is a hotel straight out of what felt like 1930s Hollywood. Full of old school glamour and posh, the now faded hotel was a nice place to stay to escape. The pool needs to be heated though, because it was FREEZING from those cold desert nights.

Anyway, one of the main sights to see in Borrego Springs are a series of rusty sculptures made out of found materials. They comprise many subjects, from bugs to a sea serpent to humans and a jeep. Even dinosaurs! They stand out in the flat desert, so we took a short tour as the sun was setting.

Then we drove more out of town to the Borrego Badlands, specifically to Fonts Point. While we actually did miss the sunset itself, the dusk light was beautiful, too. Getting there was a trip though! We had to actually go off road into some very deep sand. I was worried, and of course Stéphane was not a bit worried.

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Borrego Springs, California, US

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