The Bogside

by hopesfrenzy

Derry (also known as “Londonderry” by the Loyalists) was the site of much turmoil during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.  One place in the city in particular – the Bogside – saw a great deal of violence.  In its wake, activists have since replaced the violence with murals depicting the struggle.  Derry still deals with a lot of tension dating back to the Troubles, and the police stations in the city are like fortresses, with high barbed-wired walls and security camera towers dotted throughout.

The Battle of the Bogside was one of the most important events at the beginning of the Troubles, and being able to walk down through the streets and alleys where people fought for freedom was incredibly moving.

This photograph won Honorable Mention in a photography contest.

The Bogside

Exploring on my own
Location: Derry, Northern Ireland, UK

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