The City Where It Doesn’t Rain

by hopesfrenzy

After only a couple of hours on the ground, Mariel and I began our Peruvian adventure in downtown Lima. Our first destination of the day was La Catedral, a little north of downtown.

Along the way, we explored the Ministry of Justice, a shopping mall and the primary shopping street (we were a foot taller than the entire crowd!).

Mariel and I began to explore downtown Lima, where many of the sights were. Headed towards La Catedral, on its very steps we stumbled upon a festive parade of folk dancers. It was a noisy and slow group, but beautiful in its intricacies. My favorite part was when it broke up, all the dancers rushed to the crowd to hug and kiss their loved ones.

Inside La Catedral, we explored every nook and cranny, including its underground crypt. Just like many Catholic churches in Europe, the edifice was vast and old, quiet and beautiful. It was a muggy day, and the coolness of La Catedral and, afterward, San Francisco were welcome.

PS: it nearly NEVER rains in Lima.

Exploring with Mariel
Location: Plaze Mayor, Lima, Peru

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