The Cliffside City

by hopesfrenzy

Our overland holiday tour started with a train ride from Amsterdam to Luxembourg via Maastricht and Liege. I’ll never forget the sunset views as the train pulled into the city. I was stunned by the layers: the sheer cliffs, peaked churches and towers, and the darkening homes nestled along a glistening river. It was spectacular, and I couldn’t wait to get out the next morning and explore.

While it was quite cold, our morning started slowly, with some coffee and a relaxed walk across the bridge over a deep valley into the old town and city center perched above. As the sun came out and warmed us up, the shadows it cast were beautiful.

We did the Bock Casemates, exploring through the rock hewn rooms with centuries of history, including sheltering civilians during WW2. In the afternoon, we got a couple of glasses of gluhwein at a small brown pub, visited the Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart and then went back to rest before dinner and Christmas markets later that night. We got dinner in the Grund neighborhood, so it was a cool experience walking down the cliffs and then taking the elevator back up!

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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