The Counts’ Hedge

by hopesfrenzy

There are many places to explore in the Netherlands and one of the most famous of these is Den Haag (the Hague). On a day trip with our friends, we took the hour-ish train ride from Amsterdam to Den Haag. After a quick koffie in a square, we visited the Escher Museum (inside of a palace!) which was just stunning. Great exhibits and a beautiful space.

We strolled around for a couple of hours, grabbed lunch, and just marveled at the beautiful city. The Binnenhof features prominently in Den Haag, which is the seat of government. It’s partially surrounded by a small lake. After a visit to the inner courtyard of the Binnenhof and a quick (admittedly buzzed) tour through Mauritshuis art museum to see Girl with a Pearl Earring and other masterpieces, the weather got dark and it poured!

We scampered through the rain a few blocks to our last destination: the old American Embassy. Now it’s a contemporary art museum which was … interesting. But even MORE interesting was that we got a private tour of sorts and went into some of the spaces that are normally just used for special events and exhibits. The neatest part was the library, which was quite art deco.

Exploring with Stéphane and friends
Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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