The Elephants’ Thicket at Sunset

by hopesfrenzy

As we crisscrossed through acacia thorn forests and past small wetlands, suddenly we realized we were surrounded: by African elephants. They slowly emerged out from behind a small set of trees and bushes. The brush was large enough to hide them as they emerged. Curious, but cautious, they steered around us.

We encountered a herd of elephants soon after that, as the sun was setting behind the hills. Our jeep was surrounded on both sides. Our group marveled at the elephants’ quiet chomping and slow movements, giggling at the baby elephant.

The idea that humans kill them for their ivory was always in the back of my mind.  This wouldn’t be our first encounter with elephants, but it was our most memorable.

What was I doing in Tanzania? This was my Social Sabbatical with my company, SAP Concur. Read my stories here.

Safari with my colleagues
Location: Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

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