The Other Happiest Place on Earth

by hopesfrenzy

I took these photos on a family vacation to Disney World – my very first visit to the theme park and the state. Growing up my siblings and I watched the Disney Channel. A lot of the Disney Channel. So many times I remember seeing the Epcot space ball on the television. What is that place? I always thought. What’s inside?

Turns out it’s just a ride. It’s bigger than I imagined. Also a very beautiful building, with the multitude of shapes and corners all wrapped up into a sphere.

My family and I were getting snacks late at night at a gas station, so we parked off to the side. Half the family stayed in the car, so the lights were on, and within minutes these night sentries started to crawl out of the darkness. Before we knew it, there were a dozen. Then more. Who knows how many lurked in the shadows, waiting for food. Safety in numbers, especially against their #1 predator (aside from cruel teenagers): alligators.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any of those during my time in Florida. That was one of my goals.

The trip was fun – aside from a few days at Disney World, we conquered Universal Studios and Harry Potter World on a rainy day. We enjoyed the sights much more than I expected, all being adults!

Vacationing with my family
Location: Orlando, Florida, US

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