The Park without a Mountain

by hopesfrenzy

Spending a weekend camping at the foot of a volcano and not seeing it once? That’s Mt. Rainier on a foggy day. And it was beautiful. Stéphane, Wesley, Ian and I went on a little adventure in Mt. Rainier National Park at Cougar Rock campground. We got a great spot, but the RAIN. It rained all night Friday night, and the next day we went on a short hike through the misty forests.

We had a lot of fun though. Got to try out our new tent, roast s’mores and veggie dogs and spend some time off the grid.

I marveled at this scene along the hike. The wet, sharp of nature, with the softness of the moss and the fog.

Mount Rainier Mists

Camping with Stéphane, Ian and Wesley
Location: Mt. Rainier, Washington, US

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