The ruins of Fort Charles

by hopesfrenzy

On the southern coast of Ireland in County Cork, my friends and I stayed in a hostel in a little coastal town: Kinsale. On the bay sat the ruins of Fort Charles, an old military base meant to protect from invaders.

We got a tour of the place – and heard stories of ghosts and the like – and trespassed a bit through some places we shouldn’t have been.¬†Some brave souls will actually camp there overnight to catch sight of a woman wearing a white dress. She is the ghost of a woman who was engaged to a sailor when she hanged herself.

Fort Charles offers magnificent views of the bay down below. The point between lands is where all of the canons were aimed at — it’s the only point of access and because it’s so narrow it’s very easy to defend. Kinsale is also famous for these sailboats.

Sightseeing with my friends
Location: Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

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