The Storied Lands of Lava Beds

by hopesfrenzy

A day trip away from Klamath Falls across the border into California is Lava Beds National Park, probably one of the most unique places I have ever been. Desolate and beautiful, with varied terrain, lava tube caves (which we explored!) and a lot of history, including a US battle against the Modoc Indians – the only Native American war in which a US general was killed in battle – and the internment of Japanese Americans at Tule Lake, the largest internment camp in the United States.

On one of the hikes around a giant crater that was once a volcano, I was drawn in by the lichen. It reminded me first of my Alaska trip where our guide was OBSESSED with lichen. I got a little trigger happy this time around, but the scenery and the perspective is beautiful!

Captain Jack’s Stronghold, one of the points of interest, the surrounded Indians barricaded themselves in the lava formations and used it as a fort. My family and I explored the fort and battlements – it was amazing. At the very end of the trail sat a marker, decorated with tributes to the Modocs and their fight. It was quite beautiful and sad.

Exploring with my family
Location: Lava Beds National Park, California, US

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