Touring around Gozo

by hopesfrenzy

We spent our last day on Gozo, the second-largest island of Malta. We took our car over in the early morning, and immediately set for a bakery that Stéphane had found in Xewkija. We kept our car parked and strolled through the streets to the Rotunda St. John Baptist Church. After that, we drove a short way to Ġgantija temple, another Neolithic structure much more impressive than the previous ruins we visited. The structure was significantly taller than us, and had multiple rooms and features.

There was graffiti all over the temple, but it’s interesting how this isn’t a new phenomenon just “for the kids” — whoever “LTP” was carved their name into Ġgantija in 1840! Gives you some perspective on how we can’t blame everything on today’s youth, and also that human beings have been self-centered since … forever.

We got coffee just outside the citadel in Victoria, the main city on Gozo, and then headed up the hill to explore it. The citadel lay mostly in ruins, aside from the main cathedral, but the view of the island was fantastic. It was very fun to explore.

We ended our day by going on a looooooong, winding walk to the Ta’ Ċenċ cliffs overlook. It was a nice walk through the Gozitan countryside as the sun was starting to set, with great views of both the ocean and the island.

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: Gozo, Malta

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