Train Platform Composition

by hopesfrenzy

Living in Europe, we take a lot of trips by train across the Netherlands and beyond. Many of these train stations display amazing architecture or views, both modern and classic. Utrecht has the modern honeycomb structure, and I will never forget the Taormina station on the edge of the Mediterranean where I’ve spent several hours of my life.

On a recent trip to Haarlem to meet up with some friends, I took a moment to admire the beautiful Haarlem station. Similar to other Dutch stations it was very open air and had a vaulted steel or iron roof, but right inside on the platform was an elaborately designed series of bricked buildings. They looked defunct now (or maybe were offices), but I tried to imagine their past uses (maybe a store or station master’s quarters).

Commuting with Stéphane
Location: Haarlem, Netherlands

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