Up the where the Angels Land

by hopesfrenzy

We started the trek in the morning, leaving before sunrise to reach the Zion gates in time for one of the first buses. Today, we were hiking 5 miles (round trip) to the top of Angel’s Landing. It was hard for everyone, but worth every excruciating step. Lacy, Trent, Tess, Callie, Stéphane and I wandered along the path as the sun rose behind the peaks of the canyon.

Before long, the trail took us up up up — 1,488 feet over 2.5 miles — hugging the cliff side until we reached a flat area. But that’s where the difficult part began.

We left Stéphane (afraid of heights) and us kids continued hugging the cliff wall, gripping for dear life onto the heavy chains anchored deep into the mountainside, step by step until we reached the top.

“Valley of Angels”<br /><br />As we started the hike, it was flat, quiet and enjoyable. I pointed to the peak (on the left) and told my siblings that was where we were going. They didn’t believe me and turned around, aghast. Little did they know…

“Zion Squirrel II”<br /><br />The squirrels scrambling around Angel’s Landing are quite the daredevils. I love this photo because the little guy is looking out over the canyon, watching for hawks and such.

“Pinnacle of Angels”<br /><br />This is the tricky path to Angel’s Landing. The last mile or so hugging these slopes and gripping the chains, to prevent any fall to the canyon floor.

“From Whence We Came”<br /><br />I love this photo. I waited moments for hikers to pass us by or disappear around a turn below. And this captures the loneliness of the trek. Despite the fact that there were thousands of hikers, it was your grip, your footing — and yours alone — that kept you safe.

Hiking with my siblings and Stéphane
Location: Zion National Park, Utah, US

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