Violet in the Snow

by hopesfrenzy

It doesn’t snow that often in Seattle, Wash. I would say at least once a year, sometimes more. We made it all the way to 2012 without any snow in the last months of 2011, but this one MLK weekend it dumped snow. I went on a walk near my house through the Madison Park and Madison Valley neighborhoods.

It’s an area in which I love to run in…past the large mansions of old wealth, enormous trees towering over you, and the newer Japanese-style houses or Swiss cottages. While walking I was listening to Bon Iver, whom I highly recommend. These purple berries stood out vibrant against the white snow, black roads, and thick, gray sky.

My destination was a lookout park that, on a clear day, gives one a vantage of Bellevue, Hwy 520 and Lake Washington. All I could see this day was the western shores of the lake and molecular snowflakes blanketing my vision.

Violet in the Snow

Walking on my own
Location: Seattle, Washington, US

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