Walking Along the Painted Ridges

by hopesfrenzy

The sharp crests of Cedar Breaks National Monument skirted the blue sky, the sun getting low and the winds high. We pulled up and galloped to the edge where, below us and to all sides, the beautiful amphitheater opened up. Cedar Breaks is supposed to be like a miniature Bryce Canyon (makes me really want to go there now!!).

We explored up and down the path, crossed over the fence to get some killer photos and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Oh how much I wanted to be down there in the canyons and crevices of Cedar Breaks!

My favorite moment was when the kids and I snuck up on mom and dad standing by the fence, and then Stéphane took a photo!

Sightseeing with my family and Stéphane
Location: Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah, US

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