Wandering Around the Falls

by hopesfrenzy

A bit west of the town of Snoqualmie in Washington state is a waterfall that is over 250 feet tall.  On a day trip that was supposed to take us to Snoqualmie Pass, I took a detour with some friends when we saw the road sign for Snoqualmie Falls. We weren’t really sure what we were getting ourselves into, but after getting some directions from a grocery store in town, we found our way to the falls to find a super-packed parking lot full of tourists.

A block or two from the Railway Museum  is a open-air “musuem” of different cars from the late 1800s and early 1900s that were used to ship different products and such across the countryside. It was pretty cool!

It’s half a reminder of how epic some of the companies we deal with on a regular basis–like Shell Gas–but also how the way in which we record images has completely changed.

The brilliant color of this rusty car really inspired me. The perspective, colors, and brilliant sky behind the cars makes for a beautiful picture. It’s hard to imagine how long these trains have been sitting there, and how much longer they will remain there, unused and rusting away. Maybe another hundred years.

Exploring with Marcos and Adam
Location: Snoqualmie, Washington, US

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