Watcher on the Road

by hopesfrenzy

The sheer cliffs and rocky river of the sparse Dadès Gorge had little traffic our first evening on the road. The sun was setting, and there was an immense quietude over us as we settled in, freshened up and went on an evening walk before dinner.

One of the main sights to see here is the road itself – a windy highway mountain road that plummets to the gorge below. A riad overlooked us at the top and served as our destination. Along the way, we chatted with Ismail and each other.

What I’ll never forget is the Berber person that lives in a hovel on the side. The Watcher guards the path dressed in black robes. Ismail told us that people often lived in the caves dotting the cliffs.

Strolling with Ismail, the siblings, Stéphane and Nick
Location: Dadès Gorge, Morocco

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