We Ask, Therefore

by hopesfrenzy

I had about four hours to kill in between being released from a business-related conference and my flight back home. Being a natural adventurer, I embarked almost immediately on a walk around downtown Dallas with my luggage in tow. It was fortunate that the Hyatt Reunion, where I was staying, was close to downtown Dallas — and close to the JFK memorial.

Like any young American, I know who JFK is, have read about him and studied him, and heard the stories from my mother about where she was when she learned of his assassination. But actually visiting his memorial, the monument and the book deposit was very moving. It went beyond nostalgia. A bit of praise, a bit of sadness, a bit of future lost.

After visiting the JFK memorial, I made my way through the flat and seemingly empty streets. One block held a large, open structure – four square walls elevated above the ground, with two narrow entrances, one on each side. Walking inside, the city around me disappeared.

Traveling for business
Location: Dallas, Texas, US

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