Where the Rock meets the Waves

by hopesfrenzy

Stéphane, Donnie, Jared and I were driving to the bay to snorkel, and as we drove through the miles and miles of lava field and the clouds cleared, a full rainbow, from end to end, lie overhead in the bright morning sun. It was breathtaking. The rugged landscape, arched by a soft rainbow. We stopped our cars. Took photos. And marveled.

After spending a morning snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay with fish and octopuses, Stéphane and I ventured onward to see other sights along the southern tip of Hawai’i island, including trekking out to the southernmost tip of the United States.

While we were exhausted, the ride was exhilarating and beautiful. The windmills aren’t the only things affected by the high speed coastal breeze. The trees have all grown sideways.

Our last stop before home: Punalu’u Bake Shop for some amazing taro donuts!

Exploring with Stéphane
Location: South Point, Hawai'i, US

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