Windows of the Buitenhof

by hopesfrenzy

This is part of a series going back through my phone photos and finding my favorites of Amsterdam and its environs. I’m writing this post in 2024, reflecting on my years here.

We had just moved into our apartment in the canal ring of Amsterdam, and I had landed that weekend to start my job. In order to work in the EU, I needed to get my work permit all set up, so I had an appointment in Den Haag to get this. I took the train over in the early morning. It was quite cold, I remember.

I was so excited. I figured that I would be back to Den Haag many times in the future, so I didn’t think too much about doing any sights or exploring too much. But I did spend a little time walking around the Binnenhof, around the Hofvijver (lake) and more. I snapped this photo of the Buitenhof (natuurlijk is het “buiten” van de Binnenhof!) because I thought the windows were so cool. Now I’ve seen so many windows like these around the Netherlands, but at the time they were quite novel.

Later that day, I flew to London for work. Little did we know at this point that it would be years before I made it back to Den Haag, and what was coming in 2020 that would impact our ability to travel and explore our new country.

Running errands on my own
Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

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