Writers and Painters in Philly

by hopesfrenzy

On a weekend trip to Philadelphia, we were strolling on our way to brunch and, around a corner, I was stunned to find a Keith Haring mural. The Haring Garden Party, as I thought of it, was beautiful and such a pleasant surprise. Keith Haring, a gay advocate who died of AIDS in 1990, is one of my personal heroes.

His art made such an impact on me (especially this one).

Continuing our journey through Philadelphia, we ended up spending time with another artist: Edgar Allen Poe, whose home has been turned into a National Historic Site managed by NPS. It was a little creepy, but mostly just interesting to see a place where he lived and wrote. We had some fun with pictures of a scary raven and the chipping paint. And we got to go into the basement … scary!

Exploring with Stéphane, Siri and Deanna
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

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