Snowy Rooftops of a Baltic City

by hopesfrenzy

The day after we landed in Tallinn, it snowed. We headed out in the afternoon calm to explore the city. It was cloudy as we passed the nightclub and Armenian church by our apartment and entered through the Viru city gate. Tallinn was incredible, with great restaurants, museums, architecture, and overall vibe. While we were staying in a more modern area, the old town maintained much of its charm.

We started to hit up the sights, starting with St. Nicholas’ Church which had a tall tower with an amazing view of the snowy rooftops, intricate churches, and old city walls. I felt so lucky to be admiring these views…I just couldn’t believe it.

On our walk around the city, we ducked through narrow alleys, around the landmark churches, and caught a few more views. The cold was getting to us, so we ducked into a basement pub and grabbed some glögg (or mulled wine) to warm up. All of the food and drinks we had in Tallinn were incredible. Our last stop on this first day was by the old city hall (the oldest Gothic town hall in Northern Europe) where we got another drink at a restaurant called III Draakon which was completely old timey. It was very cool!

Sightseeing with Stéphane
Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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